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Surveyors Past and Present

Surveyors past and present gather to celebrate Dan Montgomery’s retirement. Dan was presented with a plaque for all his years of service aside retired San Juan County Land Surveyor’s; John L Thalacker, PLS and Jeff Iverson, PLS along with Bob Wilson, PLS and Patrick Kirby, PLS. A good time was had by all sharing stories of surveying over the years in San Juan County!

John Thalacker Pays a Visit

We cherish the days when John Thalacker pays us a visit to go over old surveys, brain storm solutions and continue his priceless mentoring.

Bob Wilson in Point of Beginning Magazine

Bob Wilson, PLS, owner of San Juan Surveying, has been featured in the July 2013 edition of Point of Beginning magazine, a monthly publication that serves the surveying and mapping community.

Surveying the Island Life

A rich history and a passionate culture can often be found in exotic locations. However, owning and operating a business in such an environment can produce a set of challenges. Robert Wilson, PLS, owner of San Juan Surveying in Washington, shares with POB how he has found success…

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