Forensic Land Surveying and Expert Witness Services

San Juan Surveying offers expert witness services for land disputes. We are experienced in reconstructing the history of parcel boundaries and Rights-of-Way from the recorded documents, field evidence, oral testimony, remote sensing data and historical aerial photographs and maps. Because of extensive research on prior cases, we have access to many sources of information including US and Canadian regional and federal archives, surveys, and recent and historical maps and aerial photographs.

Our services include the following items:

  • Written historical summaries of land use and chain of title
  • Atlas of parcel maps illustrating all parcels and Right-of-Ways in the chain of title
  • Historical research to explain intent of ambiguous documents
  • Large and small format Court exhibits to illustrate temporal and spatial relationships
  • Working with photogrammetrists to produce specialized photogrammetric products
  • Detailed explanations of vague or ambiguous land descriptions
  • Written declarations and testimony under oath
  • Working closely with lawyers to present the true facts of a case for litigation

If you have a simple or complex land issue, we can provide effective, dedicated expertise to explain the facts and help resolve the situation.

Patrick Kirby, our senior surveyor, brings a unique combination of education and experience to bear on complex cases. He uses his broad education and experience in surveying, forestry, remote sensing, photogrammetry, soils, botany, statistics and archival research to find and understand the evidence. With his map making artistry, writing skills, and specialized software skills, he presents and communicates the evidence and conclusions clearly and effectively.